Buckingham Park Primary School

Children's Library at Buckingham Park School

I liked the ideas BookSpace had but what really impressed me was how they then went on to apply this to the book stock.

Case Study: Buckingham Park

Buckingham Park Cof E Primary School opened its doors to the local community in Aylesbury in 2012.

Although the school will cater for 500 pupils up to Year 6, currently it has around 200 pupils with the eldest being in Year 4.

Being a new space, the school was lucky enough to have space to be able to create a library and within a few weeks of opening, Head Teacher, Nick Waldron had identified a room which would work well as a reading space.

Nick asked BookSpace along with a number of other companies to look at what could be achieved. Nick’s main requirement for the space was to create a fun and vibrant space which would attract the children in. He was keen to use Feature Pieces to add interest but also had an idea to create a separate area for the younger children nursery & KS1 children within the space.

After an initial consultation meeting, Nick was supplied with 3 BookSpace plans to choose from. “I liked the ideas BookSpace had but what really impressed me was how they then went on to apply this to the book stock. For each plan they presented me with a detailed set of numbers for fiction, non-fiction and picturebooks which was a real help for me. As part of the library installation, we were lucky enough to have budget assigned to purchase some new book stock and these figures really helped us to ensure we had the correct number of books for all of our new pupils” says Nick. “I felt that BookSpace really understood what we needed to achieve and had a good understanding of how to create something which would encourage children to enjoy reading”.

Children's Library Seating at Buckingham Park School
Children's Library Furniture at Buckingham Park School

The new design for the library incorporated a separate area for KS1 children which Nick had requested. The KS1 area included shelving at the appropriate height for the age of these children and an archway entrance to the space. “The younger children love the space we have created for them in the library. The archway entrance is a real hit as it feels like they’re entering a special exciting world when they step through” says Nick.

The BookSpace design team worked hard to devise plans which not only looked appealing for the children but were also practical. Space needed to be maintained between the two doorways into the space and an area in front of the whiteboard needed to remain clear for storytime sessions. At the same time the space needed to include sufficient shelving to house the new stock the school were purchasing. The solution was to use higher shelving where appropriate to gain some capacity and mix this with lower height shelving for the younger children. This not only ensure the school had the right capacity but using different heights of shelving meant the space looked more interesting.

The new library was installed in December 2013. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the space” says Nick “and what’s more the children love going to the library. It’s too early to say what effect the space is having on our children’s reading abilities but we are confident its sending the right messages to our children about reading and how much fun it can be. That alone is fantastic”.

3-way Seating with Bookcases at Buckingham Park School
Library Design 3D Render at Buckingham Park School

Library Design Service

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