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All our knowledge about engaging children in reading has been poured into five short online courses, each one packed with fresh ideas.

Select the topic that most interests you from:

  • Getting children talking about books
  • Helping children choose independently
  • Expanding your book knowledge
  • Becoming a reading role model
  • Giving your library a facelift
Every course has a mix of read and reflect with practical ideas to try out in classroom sessions. With online learning you can choose when and where to study and you will also have a personal mentor for support and assessment.

Amazing value at only £95 to transform your classroom approach.

Getting children talking about books

There’s no better way of getting the word out about a book than a group of readers talking to each other, spreading the news and creating a buzz.

Our course is full of inventive ways to capture and release this kind of excitement around books and reading in your school.

  • Learn how to establish the right atmosphere
  • Pick up tips on how to start and develop conversations with children of different ages and reading abilities
  • Introduce physical games to express opinions
  • Use our fun bookmarks and sad/smiley cards to express and share reactions
  • Test out the Discover your reading personality quiz
  • Explore how to bring parents, teachers and other adults into whole-school conversations

Helping children chose independently

Choosing books isn’t easy at any age – what if it’s boring or too difficult or I just don’t like it?

Our course provides you with lots of different activities to build children’s confidence in an easy, active and enjoyable way.

  • Understand why independent choosing matters and how it will impact on reading for pleasure in your school
  • Learn how to create a safe space for choosing
  • Have fun choosing by chance with our lucky dip and fortune tellers
  • Introduce a variety of approaches – choosing by the book cover, the content, the format, the genre, the mood and emotion
  • Widen choices with games for pupils to choose for themselves, for others, as a whole class and to swap choices
  • Activities tailored for 5-8s and for 8-12s

Expanding your book knowledge

Everyone recognises that the ability to suggest the right book at the right time to interest a particular child is a top priority, but it’s hard keeping your knowledge up to date when you’re busy with all the other pressures of school life.

Use this course for quick and easy ways to improve your awareness of trends and knowledge of individual titles several times over!

  • Develop your ability to support the reading lives of individual pupils
  • Make informed recommendations to open up new reading choices
  • Understand series, brands, age-appeal and how to move children into wider reading
  • Increase your awareness of titles with boy-appeal
  • Involve your whole class in discovery activities
  • Explore how to use libraries, bookshops and websites to boost your book knowledge and then share it with colleagues and the children you work with

Becoming a reading role model

Research shows that keen adult readers are powerful role models and this can markedly influence young people’s commitment to reading.

Understanding yourself as a reader will help you take the children you work with on a similar journey. Our promise is that it will be entertaining as well as enlightening and very different from any other kind of training course about books and reading you may have encountered before.

  • Understand adult guilts, hang-ups and snobberies about reading in order to better empathise with children’s experience
  • Revisit your own childhood reading, what you loved and hated
  • Analyse your reading habits as an adult – or lack of them – in ways which will inform how you relate to the habits and choices of the children you work with
  • Gain confidence in your reading preferences so you can support the development of self-esteem in young readers
  • Apply your learning to help children articulate their own reading journeys

Give your library a facelift

Does your library or book corner look exciting and tempting? Making the activity of reading attractive starts with creating the right environment – and our course brings you tips from design professionals.

Even the youngest children are familiar with retail-style product presentation so it’s worth developing your display skills to keep your books looking good!

  • Learn to walk through a space and analyse how it is working
  • Audit what you have – space, furniture, books – and discover lots of small improvements to make a difference
  • Pick up tips for great book display
  • Make your library a place that children want to visit

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