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School Library Design Gallery

Get ideas & inspiration from our school library design gallery for your project.

Our extensive knowledge of school library design will ensure we can fit-out a school library or classroom reading corner to your exact specification.

Themed libraries

Create a school library that your pupils want to visit. Our library furniture and shelving is perfect for encouraging children to see books and reading as fun.
Woodland Themed Primary School Library
Visual displays in Woodland Themed Primary School Library
London landmark themed school library
BookSpace primary school library shelving
Space library with rockets, planets and asteroids
School children enjoying time in themed library
School library reading table
3D visualisation of woodland themed school library design

Reading Corners

Reading corners can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to create a reading corner in a classroom or a corridor our library furniture allows you to create a corner that really works for you. Plus we offer a free design service on all Reading Corner orders.
Children reading in school reading corner
School reading corner
School reading corner


Seating in a library is important. It sets the tone for the type of school library you want to create. We offer soft seating for cosy reading spaces and more formal seating for study areas or even storage seating to maximise the space you can give to bookshelves. All available in a beautiful palette of contemporary colours.
Girls reading on sofa in school library
Girl browsing school library bookshelves
Boys reading library books
Young school children reading board books in library

Corridors & curves

Our library shelving is flexible enough to cope with most spaces, from small corners to larger attriums or even curved spaces! We create a school library that works with your space and enhances it.
School library created in a corridor
Library shelving installation
Pupils reading in school library space
Corridor library in school

Reading for pleasure libraries

Reading for pleasure libraries are our forte. We love to create school libraries that put the pleasure back into reading for children. Our school library designs include secret reading spaces, archways which lead into reading corners, curved bookshelving to create softer spaces for browsing and plenty of soft seating in vibrant colours to encourage pupils to sit down and read.
School library designed to put the pleasure back into reading for children
Secret library reading spaces
Soft seating in vibrant colours to encourage pupils to sit down and read
3D interior design for reading for pleasure libraries
School interior library design service 3d visualisation
Reading for pleasure school library
Curved bookshelving to create softer spaces for browsing
Curved library shelving
School pupils and library shelving
School library reading space
Reading for pleasure reading corner
Pupils in reading tunnel
Pupils reading in a Reading Hideaway
School library childrens area

Multi-purpose libraries

When space is a limited in a school it’s important to maximise the room available. We have developed many school libraries which incorporate bookshelves as well as study tables and ICT desking. We can create separate zones within your library space or we can ensure it flows from one area to the next.
Multi-purpose school library area
Small school library area
Library area in school corridor
Multi-purpose school library details
ITC suite in school library
Pupil working on laptop in school library
Teacher an pupil studying at library table
Bookshelves as well as study tables
Children writing on storytelling table
School library with ITC desks and PCs - design visualisation

Shelving designed for school libraries

Our shelving has been specially designed to ensure different types of books look good on the shelf. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach which can mean larger books have to be displayed on their side, we offer large shelving for large books and small shelving for smaller books. Simple but effective!
School library shelving and signage
Young girl browsing shelves of library picturebooks
School pupil browsing books displayed in Book Pod
Helping children to choose library books
Library shelving and signage
Curved library shelving in propeller configuration

Engaging children in reading

At BookSpace we design libraries to make children fall in love with books. Book shelves at the right height mean everyone can reach the books; plenty of cost spaces to curl up and read; and lots of fun, interactive features to put the fun back into reading.
Children in secret library space
Pupils reading on library sofa
Pupils reading
School boy in library

Library Design Case Studies

You don’t need to take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say.

At BookSpace we listen carefully to the specific aspirations of your school and we give attention to the particular opportunities of your physical space. These case studies give a short outline of the process from initial brief to completed installation in very different situations.

View Case Studies