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School children using library shelving

School Library Shelving

At BookSpace we know that presenting books positively to children is an important part of encouraging pupils to read for pleasure and when we designed our shelving system the principle of ensuring that the books look good, whatever their size and shape, was high on our priority list.

Shelving is about so much more than storage. So many shelving systems look like warehouse racking whereas the purpose of shelving in a contemporary library is not just to house lots of books – it’s to display them attractively. Everything about our shelving is designed to make your books look good so students want to pick them up and read them.

All the shelves in the bookcase are fully adjustable so you can get the right height for different size books. Each shelf is tipped up to the eye of the person standing in front so the books are clearly seen. Face-out display shelves and signage holders are included in the price. We offer neutral colours on the bookshelves (so as not to compete with colourful book covers) combined with a contrast colour trim on the tops and ends to give a sophisticated appeal - miles away from those old brown bookshelves that students find so boring!

Different heights for different ages

Three heights, each carefully designed to meet the needs of children of all ages. 970mm - Great for Foundation and KS1 1230mm - Perfect for KS2 mid-floor spaces 1580mm - Ideal for KS2 wall configurations

Different sizes of school library shelving

Unique reversible shelving system

A clever reversible shelving system for spine-out display. Flip from a small shelf for small format books to a large shelf for larger format books and vice versa. We’ll also use some of our ‘lipped’ shelves in your design to create that all-important face-our display which attracts the children.

A clever reversible shelving system for spine-out display of small and large format books

Feature Pieces

We’ll add a splash of excitement to your library by breaking up your rows of shelving with one or two Feature Pieces.

When children think their reading space is exciting they keep visiting. Our feature stacks are guaranteed to add that splash of excitement and create a buzz about books and reading.

All the units featured here are designed to be integrated with our children's library furniture and shelving so you can break up the book collection by adding seating, book display, and examples of children’s work – perfect for making your library a truly interactive experience.

School reading hidyhole
Book display shelving


Drop a Hideyhole in among your shelving Stacks and create the perfect spot for a child to read quietly and get lost in their book.

Display Frame

Perfect for breaking up a run of library shelving. Use to display artefacts, topic work or highlight specific books.

School library display board

Bucket Seat

Children love our Bucket Seat, it’s the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy browsing your favourite book. The metallic back board is supplied with magnets from some of our best-loved picturebooks.

Me-to-You Displayboard

Use our Me-to-You Displayboard to display highlighted books. Supplied with acrylics to display paperbacks or larger books as well as graphic inserts so that once the book is borrowed there’s not an empty space.

Feature Panel bookcase end

Feature Panel

Perfect for adding interest to the end of a run of shelving. Use to highlight books for topic work, selected authors or children’s work. Available in a range of different colours.

School Library Signage

Getting children to find the book or the subject that they’re looking for is an important part of enabling children to feel confident enough to use their school library independently.

Signage for primary school library shelving

Bookshelf Signage

BookSpace library shelving comes fitted with a Signage block. The clear acrylic holder takes a graphic insert that can be easily swapped when you feel like change. Supplied free of charge with your BookSpace library here is the range of headers for you to choose from, alternatively if you want something different we can supply a template for you to make your own.

Feature Fillers

Highlight individual titles whilst keeping the spine-out books on either side upright with our Feature Fillers. Choose from Small Feature Fillers for paperbacks, Medium Feature Fillers for small non-fiction books or Large Feature Fillers for larger non-fiction books or picturebooks. All are supplied with free graphic inserts which provides a nice surprise of an intriguing quotation underneath the book displayed.

A-Z signage for bookshelves

Our A-Z Blocks are sturdy, smart and functional. Made of high grade acrylic, the blocks are an ideal long-term solution for signing your shelves. Choose between two sizes. Supplied with DDA-compliant graphics covering the full alphabet.

Contemporary colour palette

Our school library furniture combines Ferrara Oak with a palette of contemporary and vibrant colours.

Adding a splash of colour to your new library is a great way of sending a positive message about reading by creating a exciting, dynamic space. BookSpace library shelving has been designed to ensure the books are presented in the most attractive and accessible way. We use colour in a clever way to subtly add to the experience. We are careful not to use colour at the expense of the books. We love our bookshelves but we want the books to be noticed by your pupils not the shelves!

Click the colours to see different combinations

Shelving colour: Steel Blue

Feature colour: Fuchsia Pink

Download colour scheme:

Every school is different and we carefully consider each brief to ensure we include the right mix of shelving, seating and fun elements at the same time as looking at which colours will work best. We steer clear of primary colours. Children, even those in KS1, are sophisticated consumers so the colours we use reflect that. What’s more we’re always evolving and updating our range of colours to ensure we’re always up-to-date with what our customers are looking for.