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Great Ouse Primary Academy

A purpose-built new school in Bedfordshire opened in September 2017 with an amazing Learning Street running from one end of the school to the other. Summary The Learning Street comprises 4 ‘shops’ which use genuine artefacts & props to bring various aspects of the curriculum to life: Writing, History, Environment and Science. In addition, a maker-space, a book swap cart, market stalls and a fabulous new school library have been created to provide a rich, engaging way of pupils experiencing
topic-based learning.

The challenge BookSpace were asked to create a Learning Street which would deliver a hands-on experience for pupils. Principal, Paul Ives, wanted pupils to spend time outside of the classroom every day and needed the Learning Street to help deliver this vision for kinetic style learning. BookSpace worked closely with Paul and his team to conceive a creative space which provides an extra dimension to pupils’ learning. The new school library, a Learning Resource Centre, was installed in the centre of the school and features a Writing Shop filled with an old writing bureau, vintage typewriters and various writing tools, as well as high quality bookshelves and curved soft seating. “I wanted the Writing Shop to sit within the library as they naturally go hand-in-hand” says Paul. Two corridors extending either side of the LRC are teaming with inspirational stopping points – perfect for topic-based learning. From an Environmental Shop featuring a weather station to the Science Shop with a life-size skeleton and the History Shop filled with all manner of genuine historical artefacts. Dotted amongst the ‘shops’ are various carts where children are encouraged to stop, touch, investigate and ask questions. Results “Children are like sponges” says Paul. “We have created an environment where they can soak everything up and a significant percentage of our pupils’ learning now happens outside of the classroom. This shows how passionate we all are about the Learning Street.”

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