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Pimlico Primary School

Pimlico Primary is a free school, which is part of the Future Academies Trust, sponsored by Lord and Lady Nash.

Pimlico Primary wanted to install a new library that would help pupils to further their positive relationship with reading. As an expanding school, where over 70% of children speak English as an additional language, providing high quality texts for children to enjoy is a top priority.

Just over 2 months from the initial briefing meeting, a brand new jungle-themed library was installed. The staff, governors, parents and, most importantly, the children are ecstatic!

“Our old library consisted of adult bookcases and a more limited range of books,” says Catherine Burge, Headteacher. One of the school rules is, ’We come to school to learn - we learn new words every day and speak in sentences.’ The modelling of accurate grammar and exposure to high quality texts are prerequisites to enabling children to speak accurately. Pimlico Primary’s library is now filled with knowledge-rich books.

How BookSpace helped
Inspired by a TED talk on libraries, Catherine’s brief to BookSpace was simple. To create an exciting, vibrant, jungle-themed library that would enhance how pupils viewed reading and books. It was June and the school was keen to get the new library installed ready for the new academic year. “I wasn’t sure it would be possible to design, manufacture and install a new library in the short time we had but I was wrong. BookSpace did a fantastic job and despite it being quite a complicated design the fitters were amazing and in just 2 days they’d transformed our library completely!” says Catherine.

“The children love it,” says Catherine. “Every class visits the library at least once a week and they take home at least two books.”

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