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Troedyrhiw Community Primary School

A school council project resulted in pupils driving the installation of a new library in their small Welsh village school.


The Welsh School’s Improvement Initiative saw Troedyrhiw Community Primary School looking to improve pupils’ oratory skills. The journey began by sharing best practice with other local schools and resulted in a group of Yr5 & Yr6 pupils spearheading a project to install a new school library.

Some pupils weren't demonstrating a joy for reading. Parents needed to be encouraged to read and to act as role models and the library was seen merely as a place where books could be swapped rather than being a place to enjoy reading.
How BookSpace helped
School Council pupils asked all classes to draw their ideas for a new school library after being inspired by another local school. They then briefed BookSpace on the ideas and the reasons for installing a new library. When they received the plans and costs a few weeks later they had to establish what their priorities were and how they could get what they really needed for their budget.
“We had to think carefully about the designs and not just go for what we first thought” explained Yr6 School Council pupils. “We really liked the jungle-themed library but soon realised it was better for younger pupils. We loved the Reading Hideaway and the Mobile Bookcases so they were a priority. We cut the Study Table out to start with and then we found we had a little bit more money so it was included.”
“We’d always used the library for guided reading and reciprocal reading but now it’s used for topic study and research and the children just love hanging out in there. The other day I saw a little boy lying across the Storage Seats reading – so at home!”


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