What makes a BookSpace library so special?

A library or reading space that looks enticing is the first step in encouraging children to see books and reading as fun. But at BookSpace we recognise that it’s not all about looks; a good library design needs to work at a deeper level too.

All of our libraries are created with library furniture which presents books to children in a way that makes them want to look, touch, take…and read. You might want to check out our Special Reading Features section to see how we get children talking about books and reading.

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Contemporary colours

Mix and match from a palette of vibrant colours to create the perfect space for your school.

Every school is different and we carefully consider each brief to ensure we include the right mix of shelving, seating and fun elements at the same time as looking at which colours will work best. We use colour in a clever way to subtly add to the experience. We are careful not to use colour at the expense of the books. We steer clear of primary colours. Children, even those in KS1, are sophisticated consumers so the colours we use reflect that. What’s more we’re always evolving and updating our range of colours to ensure we’re always up-to-date with what our customers are looking for.

Below are our most popular colour combinations, we also offer bookcases in white, you can see examples of these in our gallery.