What makes a BookSpace library so special?

A library or reading space that looks enticing is the first step in encouraging children to see books and reading as fun.

But at BookSpace we recognise that it’s not all about looks; a good library design needs to work at a deeper level too.

All of our libraries are created with library furniture which presents books to children in a way that makes them want to look, touch, take…and read.

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Fun features

We’re always looking for opportunities to add some fun into your school library.

Feature Pieces

We’ll add a splash of excitement to your library by breaking up your rows of shelving with one or two Feature Pieces.

When children think their reading space is exciting they keep visiting. Our feature stacks are guaranteed to add that splash of excitement and create a buzz about books and reading.

All the units featured here are designed to be integrated with our children’s library furniture and shelving so you can break up the book collection by adding seating, book display, and examples of children’s work – perfect for making your library a truly interactive experience.


Drop a Hideyhole in among your shelving Stacks and create the perfect spot for a child to read quietly and get lost in their book.

Display Frame

Perfect for breaking up a run of library shelving. Use to display artefacts, topic work or highlight specific books.

Bucket Seat

Children love our Bucket Seat, it’s the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy browsing your favourite book. The metallic back board is supplied with magnets from some of our best-loved picturebooks.

Me-to-You Displayboard

Use our Me-to-You Displayboard to display highlighted books. Supplied with acrylics to display paperbacks or larger books as well as graphic inserts so that once the book is borrowed there’s not an empty space.

Finishing Touches

It’s the attention to detail that sets BookSpace apart and delivers you the library of your dreams.

From Rugs to Birdhouses and Book Frames the details matter and will give your new school library that finishing touch that will send a positive message about reading to your pupils and set them on a journey to becoming life-long readers.