What makes a BookSpace library so special?

A library or reading space that looks enticing is the first step in encouraging children to see books and reading as fun. But at BookSpace we recognise that it’s not all about looks; a good library design needs to work at a deeper level too.

All of our libraries are created with library furniture which presents books to children in a way that makes them want to look, touch, take…and read. You might want to check out our Special Reading Features section to see how we get children talking about books and reading.

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Seating & Tables

Every library needs seating of some description. Whether it’s soft seating to encourage children to slow down and linger over the books or more formal seating for study groups, getting it right is essential in ensuring your library really works for you.

Soft seating for reading for pleasure

At BookSpace we understand the practical requirements for seating and tables in a busy school library but that doesn’t mean we think it should be boring. We have created a collection of soft seating which unrivalled – from Bean Bags to Toadstools and from our ever-popular Storage Seats to Button Seats, each of which has been designed to entice children to relax and enjoy reading. See our full range here.

Study tables and chairs

For one-to-one or guided reading sessions, it’s helpful to have a table and more formal study chairs. Our Study Tables and chairs are available in 10 different contemporary colours to match your library design and two different heights so you can be sure they are appropriate for the children you’re working with. We’re always looking for imaginative ways to add fun into your school library and our Storytelling Table is just one example. It’s a fabulous addition for any library space. Available in two different heights for different ages, it features a forest scene design on the table top which can be used like a story starter for creative writing.

Built-in seating

We recognise that in a school environment space is limited so we also offer a range of free-standing furniture pieces which combine not only book display but seating too. Take a look at our best-selling Reading Nook and Reading Nook units which have been cleverly designed with built-in seating and book display and result in an amazing centrepiece which draws children into the space.