What makes a BookSpace Library so special?

Reading is at the heart of everything we do. All of our libraries are designed to present books to children in a way that makes them want to look, touch, take…and read.

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Clever Shelving Systems

BookSpace shelving has been designed to showcase books in the best way to encourage children to reach out, pick up a book and start their journey as life-long readers.

Different heights for different ages

Three heights, each carefully designed to meet the needs of children of all ages.

970mm – Great for Foundation and KS1.

1230mm – Perfect for KS2 mid-floor spaces.

1580mm – Ideal for KS2 wall configurations.

Unique reversible shelving system

We don’t offer a one-size fits-all approach. Instead we have a clever reversible shelving system that allows you to create small shelves for small format books and large shelving for larger format books. We also offer both face-out and spine-out shelving as it’s important to have some face-out display to attract pupils to the books balanced with spine-out shelving for capacity.

Your BookSpace shelving is made up of two types of shelves, Face-out shelves and Reversible spine-out shelves.