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Large Zig-zag Unit

£100 per set of 2

ex. VAT
Includes free mainland UK delivery

Picturebooks, graphic novels and songbooks become invisible and boring on shelves in most school libraries as the spines are too thin to offer any interest. Display your books on our large zig-zags instead and watch the transformation.

Displayed at a slight angle you will create additional face-out display without losing too much capacity. Made from high-grade acrylic our zig-zags provide full support for your books so you don’t have to worry about them bending. Each pocket also has an extra wide front support panel to prevent the books from falling forwards and an additional back panel rests against the back of your shelf to provide additional stability on your library shelving.

If you have metal library shelving, ask us to include ‘gripper studs’ in your order as these will prevent slipping on the metal surface.

Choose from Large Zig-zags for large format books such as picturebooks, non-fiction and graphic novels or small Zig-zags are designed to be used with fiction books. If you have boardbooks to display we’d suggest our Boardbook Display Unit.

HeightLarge 220mm - Small 100mm
WidthLarge 800mm - Small 795mm
DepthLarge 170mm - Small 140mm
CapacityLarge: 80 large format books. Small: 30 paperbacks or DVDs
Code ZZ1-2
  • Large Zig-zag Unit
  • Large Zig-zag Unit
  • Small Zig-zag Unit
  • Small Zig-zag Unit

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