Rocket Pod

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The Rocket Pod will deliver a big ‘wow’ in your school library for a small outlay. The vibrant colour and stunning design makes this library furniture really special and attracts immediate attention. The unit displays paperbacks on both sides so can be used in a mid-floor position where children can access it from all angles. It features fun mirror circles and tactile beads on the side which adds to its appeal and reinforces the message that reading is fun but also provides additional stimulus for some children who have special education needs.

Supplied with 5 free graphics which slot into the graphics frame on the top of the unit. Use these graphics to provide a focus for the books you display on the Rocket Pod and keep changing your displays frequently to ensure that they always look fresh and interesting.

Height: 1500mm
Width: 625mm
Depth: 750mm
Capacity: 150 paperbacks

Code: RP1

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