Picturebook & Boardbook Display

All picturebooks and boardbooks have eye-catching covers designed to attract the attention of young readers, so why pile them into old fashioned kinderboxes where at best you can see the front of only a few? Our library shelving units for KS1 children have been designed to show off the book covers giving children the visual encouragement to pick up a book. We also make sure that the books are positioned at just the right height for small children to see, touch and take.

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Our school library furniture is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials. The colour palette we use is designed to look eye-catching and contemporary but not to overshadow the books. We use just enough fun elements such as mirrors, magnetic panels and beads to attract children to take a look and then ensure the visible book covers entice children to reach out and take one. Use one or two of these units in your primary school library and you can make sure your youngest pupils have the best start in their lifelong journey as readers.