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Beat That!

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Our new Beat That! card game will introduce children to new reading experiences.

After dealing the cards between players, each player takes it in turns to read out a score for one of the factors. The player who has the highest score wins that round and the winner is the player who holds all the cards at the end.

The new National Curriculum suggests that children should be encouraged to explore a wide range of books and have opportunities to exercise choice in selecting books. The Beat That! scoring categories are based on the kind of reading experience the book offers - happy, funny, scary, quick – making it a great way to find the right book for the individual child but at the same time helping to open up reading choices.

The Curriculum advocates lots of discussion about books and Beat That! is the ideal stimulus. Do you agree with the scores? What books would you include if you were making your own game? Read the book’s description and the scores and suggest who in the class might enjoy it.

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