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Small Table-topper

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With space at a premium in most primary school libraries it’s tempting to look beyond traditional library shelving to create a display of books. This Small Table-topper is a really useful way of changing flat surfaces like table-tops, window sills or counters into eye-catching displays. It holds a surprising amount of books (44 paperbacks) and allows you to create display on 4 sides.

It is made from high-grade acrylic to withstand the knocks and bumps in a primary school yet is lightweight easily portable. Many schools use this unit for creating temporary ‘pop-up’ style displays around the school, for example to highlight a particular topic in certain classes, to celebrate events, to take reading outside in the warmer months or to simply extend the reading culture beyond the school library.

Supplied with a free ‘Discover’ graphic which slots into the graphic holder at the top of the unit. This is easily removed should you wish to use your own graphics to celebrate specific authors or genres.

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Capacity:44 paperbacks
  • Small Table-topper
  • Small Table-topper

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