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Large Feature Fillers

£100 per set of 5

ex. VAT
Includes free mainland UK delivery
Our Feature Fillers work well on any school library shelving and bring individual titles to the front of the shelf where they are not in shadow. They have strong sides so they hold the books on either side upright and books don't fall over when the highlighted book is taken. Small Feature Fillers work well with fiction; Medium Feature Fillers work well with hardbacks and smaller non-fiction and Large Feature Fillers work well with non-fiction or with picturebooks. The free graphic inserts keep shelves fresh and interesting even when books are borrowed.
HeightLarge 255mm. Medium 225mm. Small 170mm
WidthLarge 195mm. Medium 175mm. Small 120mm
DepthLarge and Medium 230mm. Small 155mm
CapacityLarge, 1 large format book. Medium 1 book. Small 1-2 paperbacks or CDs
Code FF1C-5
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  • Feature Fillers
  • Feature Fillers

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