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Reading Scheme Boxes


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No matter what sort of library shelving or bookshelves are used for reading scheme books they never seem to look great. Their tiny spines mean they disappear as soon as they are turned side-ways and their floppy format means they buckle and bow as soon as you turn them face-out. Quite often we see them bundled together with elastic bands and displayed in cardboard make-do boxes to try and keep a system going.

Finally, here’s a solution! These neat boxes allow you to alternate between face-out and spine-out display while keeping books of the same level together. Each unit comprises two boxes and a supporting cradle. Simply turn the boxes 180 degrees to switch between face-out and spine-out display. Ideal for Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star reading schemes.

Price is per unit. Minimum order 3 units.

CapacityHolds 80 Reading Scheme books
Code RS2
  • Reading Scheme Boxes
  • Reading Scheme Boxes

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