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Glass Magnet Panel & 2 Shelves

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Fuel pupils’ imagination for creative writing with this stylish glass magnetic Panel. Use standard magnets to display words, picture or props or even display children’s work or take a look at our Story Magnets. Alternatively, use non-permanent markers to have fun writing on the glass.

Whole-school / whole year writing days are increasingly popular. If your day involves ‘discovering’ dinosaur bones, a Giant Egg or the World Cup use the Glass Magnet Panel to ‘leave a message’ from a visitor spelt out in magnetic letters and use the display shelf to leave a clue to be found! Or perhaps consider using the Glass Magnet Panel to create a graffiti wall, where pupils can share jokes or funny one-liners.

Position in your school library to add a different dynamic and encourage children to have fun with writing. Choose from Oak frame or Light grey frame. Supplied with 2 shelves.

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  • Glass Magnet Panel