Word Wall

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A removable vinyl sticker designed to look like a brick wall. Use internally to create a focal point for your school.
Write on it with non-permanent marker / whiteboard pens and wipe clean in an instant. Children will love the freedom of writing on a wall.

Use it to create notes, lists, messages, instructions, rhymes, poems and jokes. Easy to apply. Simply peel away from backing and apply to wall.

At KS1 (5-7 years) it can be used to communicate with others or just simply experience writing on a different material, with unusual pens. At KS2 (8-11 years) the wall can be used to deliver two opposing sides of an argument or to review and comment on a specific topic or even introduce a fun element to early foreign language teaching.

The Word Wall can be removed from the wall and reapplied but will eventually become less adhesive. We therefore advise careful consideration of where to place the sticker before applying.

Height: 2000mm
Width: 1450mm