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We have a passion for encouraging children to read for pleasure. Always have had … always will have. It’s a fact that if books are displayed face-out in a school library they are more likely to be picked up and read. This knowledge has informed our primary school library design and furniture from day one.

Showing off book covers is what our library furniture does best, and by making sure they are at just the right height for children to see and touch we know that the books displayed on our library shelving will attract children’s attention. All of our school library furniture is designed with book sizes and shapes in mind so you can guarantee that if you buy library furniture from BookSpace the books will fit and they will look good.

We offer a range of different solutions depending on the needs of your school library. Some school libraries have the luxury of mid-floor space and so we offer a range of single and double-sided units which can be used to provide a real focal point for your library. Or if space is tight or you are looking to extend your reading offer out of the school library into corridors and attriums, take a look at some of our smaller units. All of our furniture is carefully designed and crafted to ensure that the books look great and children are inspired to reach out and take a book.

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