School Library Design Gallery

Get ideas & inspiration from our school library design gallery for your project.

Our extensive knowledge of school library design will ensure we can fit-out a school library or classroom reading corner to your exact specification.

Themed Libraries

Our themed school library designs showcase the talents of our design team. Each design is bespoke, created for the individual needs of the school, its culture, ambitions and facilities.

Reading Corners

Reading corners can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to create a reading corner in a classroom or a corridor our range of bookshelves and soft seating allows you to create a corner that really works for you.


Seating sets the tone for the type of school library you want to create. We offer soft seating for cosy reading spaces and more formal seating for study areas or even storage seating to maximise the space you can give to bookshelves.

Corridors & Curves

We’ve designed many libraries that need to be used for guided reading, intervention groups as well as whole class storytime sessions. Our range of furniture includes study tables, ICT desking and cosy reading corners.

Multi-purpose Libraries

We have developed many school libraries which incorporate bookshelves as well as study tables and ICT desking. We can create separate zones within your library space or we can ensure it flows from one area to the next.

Best of BookSpace

We’ve hand-picked our favourite school library designs from themed libraries to designs with a contemporary twist on a classic look. All designed to deliver outstanding results for the school and put the pleasure back into reading.