What makes a BookSpace library so special?

At BookSpace we live and breathe primary school libraries. We take time to understand children and their reading psychology – the fears and pleasures associated with reading and the motivators that encourage children to pick up a book and read.

We have fed all of this thinking into our product design to ensure all of furniture is not only practical and functional but is also innovative and generates lots of excitement around the reading experience. Browse through these pages to discover why our shelving system is the most flexible on the market and check out our Special Reading Features to see how you can create a buzz around books and reading.

Special reading features

There’s no better way of creating a buzz about reading than getting children talking to each other about books.

Our new range of units, that fit neatly between your BookSpace shelves, are designed to get children talking about their reading experiences and sharing this with their peers.

Our library

Children will love posting their ideas and reading recommendations into this library postbox. The unit comes with 3 different postcards: Suggestions for new books children would like to see in their library; Ideas to make their library even better; and Recommendations to pass on friends about what to read next.

Emoji Reads

Our Emoji Reads unit is a great way of helping children describe a book from personal, reader-centred perspective. Did the book make you sad or happy, did it make you laugh or did it make you sad, was it surprising or thought provoking? Children need to simply select the relevant emojis and display them in the acrylic pockets in front of the book.

Caught Reading

Use this unit to show reading can take place in all sorts of different places. Display a photo of yourself reading alongside the book and write a short review. Staff can participate too, it’s good to show children that teachers are readers too.
This unit can also be used as a Me-to-You board, see below.


Encourage children to recommend books to each other. This unit comes complete with 50 ‘Me-to-You cards which are simply inserted into the acrylic pocket in front of the book.

Like? Try… Why?

We all get caught in a reading rut. This unit is ideal to get children experiment with a wide range of different books and authors.

Chose a book which lots of children like and know, find a book that has similar reading qualities and use the speech bubble to say why.


Drop a Hideyhole in among your shelving Stacks and create the perfect spot for a child to read quietly and get lost in their book.

Display Frame

Perfect for breaking up a run of library shelving. Use to display artefacts, topic work or highlight specific books.

Bucket Seat

Children love our Bucket Seat, it’s the ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy browsing your favourite book. The metallic back board is supplied with magnets from some of our best-loved picturebooks.

Feature panel

Perfect for breaking up a run of library shelving. Use to display artefacts, topic work or highlight specific books.

Case Studies

You don’t need to take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say about the school library designs we have created.

School Library Design Case Studies Image featuring Treehouse Theme Reading Nook and Display


Get ideas & inspiration for your library design and see how our range of library furniture can be used to create beautiful reading spaces.

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